Been a while since we last spoke to Ben, the recent news was the company announcement of an agreement to acquire six new PLs.

The PLs cover ground adjacent to Kavango’s existing Karakubis Block next to the Namibian border, currently the priority focus in its KCB copper/silver exploration programme. The PLs are also adjacent to the Company’s South Ghanzi block in the KCB, giving Kavango a single, contiguous project area to explore.

Kavango is particularly keen to test the combined potential of PL049/2020, PL052/2020 (in the Karakubis Block) and PL203/2016 (within the area to be acquired and satisfaction of certain other conditions).  The Company believes these three PLs cover a single regional system that incorporates notable domed structures, which are key exploration targets in the search for large-scale copper/silver mineralisation.

Ben Turney, Chief Executive Officer of Kavango Resources, commented:

“The new licences join up our Karakubis and South Ghanzi blocks, providing us with a contiguous, highly prospective system to explore along strike from major discoveries such as Sandfire Resources’ (ASX:SFR) T3 deposit and Khoemacau Copper Mining’s Zone 5 deposit.