Ondo announced a new deal with PURE Insurance, its 16th partner globally and 2nd major deal in America, a key focus market for the company going forward in our view.

Ondo InsurTech PLC (LON: ONDO) listed on the London Stock Exchange, a pioneer in home insurance claims prevention technology, has forged a strategic alliance with the US-based PURE Insurance to bolster risk management and diminish preventable claims for PURE’s clientele.

PURE Insurance, a specialist in property and casualty insurance tailored for affluent, conscientious families, boasts a legacy of over 15 years in the business.

Renowned for its transparent operations and synchronicity of objectives, the company proudly serves over 100,000 members spread throughout the US.

As part of this collaboration, PURE is set to launch a pilot program, offering Ondo’s LeakBot system to a handpicked set of members in designated states.

The LeakBot system is adept at spotting minor leaks to prevent them from ballooning into major claims. Jason Metzger, PURE Insurance’s Head of Risk Management, perceives this as an avenue for members to adopt a more hands-on approach towards averting losses.

Metzger commented, "We're amplifying our focus on risk management and are dedicated to discovering methods to curtail preventable claims for our members, especially those linked to water damage. Tools like LeakBot empowers our members to actively thwart small leaks from snowballing into sizable claims."

Craig Foster, CEO of Ondo InsurTech, expressed his enthusiasm, "Today’s announcement marks another endorsement by US insurance firms. We're eager to commence our collaboration with PURE."