Zak Mir talks to Jason Brewer, CEO of Marula Mining, regarding the latest developments at the African-focused mining and development company, running through the portfolio and its prospects.

Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Company Overview: Marula Mining is focused on battery metals, with several projects across different minerals. Jason Brewer provides an update on the current state and future plans of the company.

  2. Lithium Mining: The company operates a lithium mine in South Africa and has secured a long-term off-take agreement with a UK-based global trading group, Fuex. This agreement covers the sale of lithium ore and value-added lithium products.

  3. Byproduct Sales: Brewer mentions finalizing off-take agreements for byproducts like coltan, tantalum, and feldspar, which he says will more than offset the operating costs of their lithium business.

  4. Manganese Mine Acquisition: The recent acquisition of a manganese mine in Kenya is discussed. Upgrades to the plant and equipment are planned, with production and sales expected to start soon, impacting the bottom line positively.

  5. Graphite Mining in Tanzania: Marula is advancing a graphite mining project in Tanzania, characterized by high-grade, large flake deposits. The company aims to develop this into a high-value, high-margin graphite mine.

  6. Market Performance and Investor Sentiment: Despite significant milestones and developments, Marula’s stock is described as being in a holding pattern. Brewer expresses frustration with the current share price levels and discusses the market’s hesitancy to value the company more highly due to multiple active projects and the complexity of their portfolio.

  7. Management and Strategy: The CEO emphasizes the competence of the management team and their strategic focus on developing mines and generating cash flow. He also notes the backing from significant investors who see the potential in Marula Mining as part of larger energy transition initiatives.

The interview highlights Marula Mining’s strategic advancements and challenges in a bearish market, focusing on diversification and development of battery metals essential for modern technologies.