Great Western Mining Corporation PLC (AIM – GWMO), which is exploring and developing multiple early-stage gold, silver and copper targets in Nevada, USA, an update on its Western Milling gold and silver processing project.

The market expects that the mill will be ready around August when all is well the permit should be rec’d from NDEP so production can start from around this time. The company has also said that they have done some drilling at OMCO (gold) early this year and will be starting some drilling at Mineral Jackpot (gold & silver) around now

Assuming things continue going well, the company has got to a position where they will be producing precious metals (concentrate) within 4 years of the company being restructured in 2019 and this includes the 6 months that it takes Nevada to issue the permit which they are currently waiting on; all this has been done with the support of shareholders with no debt or other complicated finance arrangements;

In mining terms its actually a pretty impressive timescale given that GWMO is a small company that alongside the production project has made great strides in exploration activities and is also working towards obtaining value for the copper potential

The company has a clearly stated triple-focus strategy:

  • Commence producing gold and silver from pre-mined material this year

  • Continue a successful 2-year drilling campaign to pin down gold and silver prospects for appraisal and development

  • Develop a promising large-scale copper play

Great Western Chairman Brian Hall commented:  “At the end of 2020 we produced a  doré bar from waste material collected at Mineral Jackpot.  Since then, we have established a working production partnership, identified and evaluated greatly increased volumes of material for processing, found an ideal site and are now constructing a mill which will produce precious metals this year.  This is a transformational move and an exciting time for Great Western, aimed at producing first revenues and funded directly by shareholders without recourse to any special financing arrangements which could have created a burden for the Company. In parallel, we have a busy season of exploration across our numerous prospects, on which we will be reporting in due course”.